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new motor installation services

Are you suffering from the problem of dealing with a faulty garage door motor that’ not working properly and hence not allowing your garage door to shut down completely? If yes then what do you wish to do about it? You can’t leave the door open a bit as many thieves and small sized cheats may enter your garage and damage your vehicles. The best answer to this garage door motor problem is to hire the services of our competent team that offers best Coram garage door repair in NY.

Unlike other experts, our first step would be to make sure that you and your loved ones are put away from the danger zone as the door may fall off on its own when the motor is faulty. Then we will try to enter your garage and fix the motor for you. Only if the cost of fixing the motor exceeds the task of new motor installation/new door installation, we would advise you to install a new motor. We can even test the new motor and install it for you in no time. If we have any seasonal or special discount available then we will also intimate you of the same before starting the installation to save your money.